Monday, March 28, 2011

Simple, Urban and Organic

When we met with Alonia and Shanelle the one thing that came up was to with a "look" that would somehow be urban, simple and most definitely organic. Not an easy feat to achieve as most of these styles work well on their own.

So, we came up with a simple, chic look of metal lanterns filled with lush, Green Cymbidium Orchids. We added Purple Thistle and Hydrangeas in recycled, glass bottles in varying heights. To add to the organic feel we added Manzanita branches, which is pretty much a standard when trying to achieve an organic look and feel.

To bring in the urban touch, we used a Lucite dish that reflected Purple, Blue or Green depending on lighting. We kept the flowers simple as the colors gave a strong floral presence without getting fussy.

The finished look was very urban, organic and super, modernly simple.

We look forward to the next challenge Shanelle brings us!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Diana, Diana , DIANA

Its no secret, my career in bridal began when i saw Diana Spencer stepping out of her carriage in her amazing wedding dress by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. I was also taken by her fabulous, cascading bouquet. Not as popular today as they should be. But hopefully this style will make a comeback!

When we did a wedding at St. John the Divine which is one of the largest cathedrals in the world, I knew I would finally have my chance to recreate her fabulous bouquet.

Thank you Sam and Jeri for giving CityIris such an amazing experience.

In honor of Diana's 30th wedding anniversary i am recreating a modern day version of one of the most iconic gowns in bridal fashion.

Inside Weddings

Everyone has their favorite magazine. Its hard to even say favorite as there are so many wedding magazines that are just fabulous.

One of our favorites though is Inside Weddings. Gorgeous layouts, amazing photos and a really close eye on bridal fashion.

How excited are we to be part of their exclusive " Editors Circle"
We look forward to a CityIris wedding gracing the pages of one of our favorite resources.

We just love our online profile at

Pay us a visit:

Our New Website

We are pleased us punch with our new website.
Simple, chic and glamorous. That's what we wanted and its exactly what we got!
Here's to the start of something new!

The World Yacht Wedding Showcase

The fabulous showcases continue.
The World Yacht is on a mission, to revamp weddings on their fabulous fleet of yachts.

Please join us Saturday, April 2,2011
Time: 1-4PM
Location: Pier 81 W. 41 St
and the Hudson River.

Anchors away!

NY Weddings Showcase

Through out the year there are several wedding showcases in NYC. One of the best not only for resources, but sheer inspiration is the NY Weddings showcase hosted by NY Magazine. To buy tickets:

The vendors are so up to date and the mix of brides is priceless.

Please join us on Wednesday, March 30th 2001 from 5pm to 8pm.
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street, NYC